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『Gas One』 is the closest partner of your home energy.

Enriching your good life,

『the concept of reducing the environment load』
『More secure and comfortable life』
『Dwelling according to your lifestyle』
We; Gas One Group propose a service to make your life more comfortable.

Company Information

Company nameRanzan Gas Co., Ltd.
main officeSaitama Prefecture
hikigun ranzanmacho musashidai 1-3-1
October 1985
capital 90 million yen
number of employees7 people
OfficerRepresentative Director President
・Ichiro Iwasawa
Representative Director
・Takehiko Kawamoto
Chairman of the Board
・Hiroshi Matsuura
・Shitose Matsuura
・Shuji Hattori
・Akihiro Gokan
・Toshiari Inui
auditor, inspector
・Toshio Hasebe
・Hiroyuki Torizuka
Main affiliate company・Saisan Corporation
・Musashi Energy Inc.
・Iwasawa Shoten Co., Ltd.
・Hasebe Oil Shop, Ltd.
Main business items・Gas production, supply and sales
・Sales of gas appliances, water supply equipment and housing equipment
・Water supply and drainage design, construction, hygiene management
・Design and construction of various renovations
・Business about retail or wholesale of drinking

Access map

Main office


Gas price list

Basic charge1600yen
0 ~14 m3 510yen
14.1~30 m3 490yen
30.1 m3 450yen

The rates posted on this website are standard rates and may vary depending on the customer’s facilities and contract status.
The price may be revised due to the fluctuation of LP gas import price, but in that case we will contact you in advance in writing.


Saitama Prefecture
hikigun ranzanmacho musashidai 1-3-1

TEL:0493-62-2100  FAX:0493-62-8270

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